To be a model company in compliance and corporate sustainability, from the development of methodologies and technologies to support our clients, as well as in internal management as a global company of the 21st century, contributing deeply and broadly in the process of global transformation towards the sustainable human development.
Establishes the framework for managing the sustainable development of GISMA and our stakeholders, based on regulatory compliance and global corporate sustainability standards, seeking the implementation of a business model that generates high value for all stakeholders of our company.


It provides guidelines for the sustainable development of GISMA and SIGEA Software; it is a core part of our business strategy and its metrics are communicated through the Sustainability Report.


• Consideration of interest groups
• Environment
• Integrated Management
• Human rights.

GISMA will establish and maintain relationships of trust and mutual benefit with the defined interest groups; will consider their interests and expectations, and will seek opportunities for the creation of social, environmental and economic value.

A. Collaborators/Workers
GISMA will promote the development of people and maintain fair labor practices, in a safe and healthy work environment.
GISMA considers health and safety within its Pillars of the Business Strategy, strengthening working conditions for all its collaborators and self-care.
GISMA will promote the necessary skills to improve knowledge, skills and abilities in order to be able to carry out its organizational development plan, and strengthen the management of collaborators.

B. Community
GISMA will maintain a harmonious coexistence with the communities neighboring its physical facilities and will develop collaboration plans with social development, contributing from the company's knowledge area, such as sustainability, environment and digital transformation, contributing to improve the quality of life of neighbors and promote local development.

C. Suppliers, contractors and business partners
GISMA is committed to ensuring fair operational practices with suppliers, contractor companies and business partners, complying with high quality standards and transparency in access to relevant information for them. Likewise, alignment will be promoted, by suppliers, with safety, health and environmental standards and criteria, including strict adherence to labor regulations, risk control and prevention of socio-environmental impacts.

D. Clients
For GISMA, ensuring the expectations and requirements agreed with customers in terms of quality, quantity and opportunity is part of its Business Strategy Pillars. GISMA will increase the capacity to offer high quality products and services and impact to its clients and users, implementing operational improvements and generating increasingly competitive offers, based on efficiency and innovation.

E. Authorities
GISMA is committed to the authorities to comply with legal and ethical standards that apply to business operations, based on regulatory compliance management and the implementation of good practices. This stakeholder is highly relevant to the business strategy as it is the one that defines the applicable regulatory framework, the pillar of our value offer. It will tend to facilitate the relationship between our clients and the authority seeking the symmetry of information for all parties and generate digital flows of information for reportability and for the reception of regulatory changes.

F. Shareholders
GISMA is committed to managing management processes that guarantee a fiduciary performance that fully represents the interests of the shareholders, harmoniously guaranteed with the generation of value for all interested parties.


GISMA will promote environmental, social and governance responsibility in all its business areas, complying with the applicable regulatory frameworks, as well as the principles and agreements voluntarily signed.

The company will act under a Social Responsibility framework, consistent with corporate values, such as the GISMA Corporate Environmental Management Standard, United Nations Global Compact Principles, international standards and industry best practices.

GISMA is constantly in search of innovations that allow the possible environmental impacts generated by the company and its clients to be reduced, generating spaces for the dissemination of useful methods and concepts for clients, suppliers and society as a whole.

GISMA will promote a continuous improvement of energy efficiency in all the activities of the Company.

GISMA participates in multisectoral alliances to contribute to society, through knowledge management initiatives, innovation, social inclusion, environmental education and biodiversity conservation.


GISMA will promote and support the continuous improvement of the sustainability of the company through integrated management systems, establishing indicators that allow evaluating, verifying and reporting the fulfillment of objectives and goals, involving all interested parties (considering third-party workers, contractors and workers own, among others) and thus improve the results in operational, commercial and administrative excellence, including safety in facilities and for people, as a priority labor element.

GISMA will promote the incorporation of sustainability criteria at a transversal level, in the different processes and lines of business.


GISMA undertakes to identify, prevent and mitigate any negative impact of operations in Chile and abroad, respecting and adapting the particularities of each place where its operations are located.

GISMA is based on the fundamental principles of Human Rights, regarding its culture and associated risks, in accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, as well as the principles of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Covenant International Economic, Social and Cultural Rights.

GISMA promotes respect for human rights, particularly of minorities and the most vulnerable groups, and rejects any form of discrimination. The company is against any situation that violates its corporate values ​​and behaviors such as discrimination and exclusion based on ethnic, multicultural, gender, religious option or other aspects that could affect the dignity of people.

In short, GISMA promotes a culture of integrity, probity and transparency.